Svetlana Sokolova

Svetlana SOKOLOVA, from Russia, completed all her three piano studies with Revekka Gitlin and Boris Belizkij at the music academy in Chelyabinsk, at Alexandr Satz at the Moscow Gnesin Music Academy and at the Grazer Kunstuniversität. She received the professional qualification of a concert pianist, chamber musician, pianist and pedagogue and was awarded the title of Magistra artium.


Already in the first years of her studies, she began her active concert life, which led her to many important concertpods in Russia and several European countries, especially in Austria, which has now become her second home. Since her debut here more than 20 years ago, she has played with the Grazer Musikhochschulorchester and the Graz Symphoniker, the Konzerthaus in Vienna, the Schwarzenberg Palace, the Viennese Society of Opera Friends and the Hofburg, the Musikverein für Styria in the Stefanien- und Minoritensaal), as well as at many international music festivals such as "Styrian Autumn", St. Paul's cultural summer, "Classics in Styria" among others Many invitations from concert organizers, such as the Viennese Society for Music Theater, the EPTA Congress in Graz, Hartberg International Music Festival, Strechau Castle, among others. underscore their versatile concert activities.


Svetlana Sokolova is the recipient of several music competitions, among others. the 5th International Johannes Brahms Competition in Pörtschach am Wörthersee and the 4th International Competition "Franz Schubert and the Music of Modernity" in Graz.

Critics call it "concert pianist of superior format", "almost phenomenal pianist" with "enormous musical charisma". In one of the last press reports it was said: "The music seemed to meet the magician of the keys from the piano, as she wished. The simplicity of their appearance formed the counterpoint to the meaningfulness of their interpretations. "

Her broad repertoire ranges from early baroque to the present, both in the solo and chamber music fields, and in the vocal accompaniment, in which she could make a name for herself through her artistic abilities and experiences, her sensitivity and reliability. In addition, she has worked with many well-known singers, such as Martin Klietmann, KS Gottfried Hornik, Vladimir Chernov, Mariana Nicolesco, KS, as well as outstanding musicians such as KS Joanna Borowska, Eva Bártfai, Natela Nicoli and KS Ernst-Dieter Suttheimer Marjana Lipovsek and others


Svetlana Sokolova has always been involved in intensive concertation and teaching work since her studies: first at the Chelyabinsk Music Academy, then at the Grazer Opernhaus. Since 1995, she has been involved in the Graz University of Art, where she participated in countless concert performances and currently serves singing and piano studies. In addition to this, he is a member of the J. J. Fux Conservatory and the Next Liberty Theater in Graz, as well as numerous international music festivals, masterclasses, prizes, competitions and competitions. The artist is also heard in many ORF recordings and live broadcasts.

Tatiana Maksimova

Tatiana Maksimova was born in St. Petersburg in 1978 and started playing the piano at the age of five. At the Mariinsky Theater, she was a children's choir, ballet corpse and pianist in the orchestra. As an orchestral pianist, she played with the Philharmonic Orchestra of St. Petersburg under Yuri Temirkanov and Alexander Dmitriev. From 2003 to 2005 she graduated from the "Carl Maria von Weber" -Musikhochschule Dresden in the field of music theater compilation and worked out among other things. at the Semperoper Dresden various opera productions. From 2007 to 2010, she was a Solorepetitor at the Theater Bremen as well as the choir director of the church choir of St. Georg. Since autumn 2010, she has been working at the University of Fine Arts Graz at the Institute for Music Theater. She has appeared as a pianist and chamber musician in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Liechtenstein and Austria.