Accademia Belcanto 2018

June 24 Sunday 6 pm Opening "Accademia Belcanto Sommer" Volkshaus Frohnleiten
The "Schweizer" orchestra Frohnleiten and the singers of the Accademia Belcanto enchant you with the most famous melodies from opera and operetta (tickets)
September 2 Sunday 11 am Sunday matinee "Coachingweek" JJ-Fux
Final concert of the best students in the Fux-Saal (voluntary donation)
September 4 Tuesday 4 pm to 6:30 pm Public masterclass
The President of Accademia Belcanto NATELA NICOLI gives an insight into her teaching in the Fux-Saal
7 pm Public semifinals of competition
The best participants of the first round sing in front of the audience in the Fux-Saal for their entry into the final (voluntary donation)
September 6
4 pm to 6:30 pm Public masterclass

Florentinersaal Palais Meran KUG

the international stars GIACOMO ARAGALL and ANGELIKA KIRSCHSCHLAGER (from 5:30 pm) give insight into their lessons
7 pm Final of the competition
The best contestants will compete for the highly priced prizes of the international competition. At the end solemn award (voluntary donation)
September 7
7 pm Winner-Gala-Concert - III. International Voice Competition Accademia Belcanto
Selected finalists and the prize-winners sing their most beautiful arias from the opera world (tickets)
September 8
7 pm Charity concert Accademia Belcanto Castle Eggenberg
Prize winners and international star pedagogues show their skills in the beautiful Planetensaal (tickets)

The Accademia Belcanto reserves the right to make changes to the organization and its organizational details.